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«Katerina Alpik» — is today the most attractive option in Krasnaya Polyana for those considering a property purchase in the 2014 Olympic area. The complex is fully built and operating, and is attracting many winter and summer visitors. Residents and guests alike of Krasnaya Polyana are familiar with the excellent infrastructure of the Katerina Alpik complex - visits to the spa-complex and the club house restaurant are included in the itinerary of anyone who visits this picturesque area.

«Katerina Alpik» — It is the first residential complex in Krasnaya Polyana to offer professional management of your property. Here nothing is left to chance: small, everyday matters are resolved quickly and smoothly and help is provided to residents and new-buyers with renovation, applying the final touches of decoration, everyday repairs and the purchase of furnishings by the convenient provision of the best experts and specialists. Residents not only have easy access to a wealth of infrastructure and exceptional service, but also the opportunity to let their apartments in their absence. This creates the possibility of generating maximum profits from owning real estate in the Katerina Alpik complex, generated by increasing rental and capital gains income as the 2014 Winter Olympics approach!

«Katerina Alpik» — Is your personal ticket to the Sochi 2014 Olympics! All the exciting competition in the most spectacular Olympics yet will take place in close proximity to the Katerina Alpik complex.